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 Come join us in the fun this year! 

Meriden Community Camp Welcomes You

Cute Kids Posing Against Wall

Homegrown Childcare

Autumn Walk

Homegrown Experiences

Kids Running

Homegrown Fun

At Meriden Community Camp,  we believe

in a few key ingredients for every summer:

Every child deserves safe, enriching, and fun childcare.


It’s not summer if you’re not swimming, hiking, and playing outside.


Our counselors are amazing.


Morning meetings are a great way to start the day.


Summer is a great time to learn and practice useful skills such as cooking, gardening, and teamwork!


Fridays are better when we dress up for our Fun Friday theme!


Kindness counts.


Tuesday is the perfect day to tie-dye!


Air hockey is awesome.


During summer, being outside is better than being inside!

Will you join us this year?

Learn more here.

“One is not always happy when one is good;

but one is always good when one is happy”

Oscar Wilde


We will list our Sponsors here as soon as they are confirmed. Please thank them as you are out and about in the community. Meriden Community Camp would not happen without their generous and in-kind help.

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